Truck-Powered Hillbilly V8 Wood Splitter is Downright Genius

Sometimes, folks will go with the tried and true. Other times, we see something ...

Sometimes, folks will go with the tried and true. Other times, we see something different and innovative that might be able to spark an idea that ends up being worth the time investment. We’re not saying that everyone should try what they see on the internet. In fact, lots of times, doing what’s on the internet is likely a bad idea. However, it looks like these guys came up with a thought that could cut down on a lot of work. This certainly looks like a better method than doing the same job by hand. Actually, in most cases, a machine beats doing the job by hand!

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When this guy was searching for an easier way to do a little bit of wood splitting, he decided to pick up this threaded metal cone that looks to make the job a lot simpler. When combining said code with his Ford pickup truck’s spinning wheel, the vehicle would become a wood splitting machine, taking the manual labor out of this job. This is certainly one way of working smarter instead of harder. All of that energy and time saved with such a contraption should be able to be put to good use!

It’s one thing to take pride in manual labor. A job well done is worthy of some admiration, after all. However, if that work could be done even quicker and more efficiently, who are we to stunt progress?

When we check out the video below, we see this neat little invention going to work, splitting logs with ease. Is all of this effort worth the savings in labor? The last thing that anyone would want would be for one of the logs to go flying and damage the vehicle in question. As far as something that could save all of those wood splitters some time, this is your rig!

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