Guy goes Way Too Hard in His Jeep and Crashes… To Be Left With Only a Bloody Leg

When you go out there and try to push the limits on exactly what your machine can do, ...

When you go out there and try to push the limits on exactly what your machine can do, sometimes, you’re going to have to pay the price that comes with going all the way. Preparing yourself for the worst case scenario is probably the best thing that you could possibly do so that way, you won’t be surprised should something unlikely unfold. In this one, we follow along with a jacked up Jeep that seems to be out there with the occupants looking to have a good time in the mud, pushing this thing around and challenging just exactly what the machine is capable of.

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Now, before you know it, it looks like, just the factors aligned themselves at the same time because the Jeep did manage to roll over.

Normally, this might not be such a big deal but when you consider the fact that the jeep didn’t have any doors on it and the occupants were flailing around on the inside when the Jeep rolled over, you could see where things could get a little bit more aggressive in nature. Honestly, this one looked like it could’ve ended up being pretty bad but thankfully, it doesn’t appear as if anyone on board was hurt too much in the situation.

If you follow along with the Triple-X Motorsports video down below, you’re taken to the scene of the action that shows off this rowdy little Jeep that ends up wrecking and leaving the driver with nothing more than a bloody leg. When I saw this thing unfolding for myself, I got incredibly nervous that those limbs flying outside of the Jeep, where the doors used to be, might just get broken. Thankfully, my worries never came through to fruition and the people on board were both able to walk away.

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