Guy Got Sick of People Disrespecting the Bike Lane, So He Stepped Up his Horn Big Time!

As someone who lives in the suburbs, heading to a big city is kind of an interesting ...

As someone who lives in the suburbs, heading to a big city is kind of an interesting dynamic as you’re exposed to all the sights and sounds that come along with a whole bunch of people being jammed into a small place. It’s certainly something to get used to and that can be a little bit overwhelming and, while visiting, really can make you think about what exactly life would be like and what kinds of things you’d have to change should you move to a place like this for yourself. I think that what we’re about to talk about is something that a lot of people who do live in the city can identify with.

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With the extra population density really comes a lot of hassle when it comes to commuting in such an area, or so we hear. As this video shows, when it comes to riding a bicycle through the city, it could prove to be an experience that’s nearly impossible at just about any reasonable pace. With all kinds of people looking out for no one other than themselves on the road, you might find yourself to be conflicting with not only pedestrians but also vehicles whose drivers just have so many sensory inputs that it’s tough to really get a grasp on where exactly a bicyclist might be.

Whether it was because of people being rude or just being overwhelmed by their sensory input wasn’t really the issue here. Instead, this guy still had a problem that he had to figure out how to handle, no matter what the source was so, instead of continuing on while using his whimpy sounding bicycle bell to alert people that he was on his way, this guy took it to another step entirely by installing a car horn to his bicycle to get everybody to be more alert and potentially scare them right out of their shoes if they should so choose to walk across his path. This might not be the most conventional way of letting people know that you’re rolling up on them but hey, we really love this guy’s ingenuity and getting down to solving this problem that really seemed to be plaguing him as he would make his way around in the streets.

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