Here’s What $60,000 Buys You at a Speed Shop!

At first, this seems like a ridiculous premise, spending $60,000 on top of the price ...

At first, this seems like a ridiculous premise, spending $60,000 on top of the price of a C5 Z06, especially when you find out it only puts down 640 horsepower to the wheels and mid 10’s in the quarter. Those are hardly awe-inspring numbers for a car that has that money money invested in it after the purchase price of the car. However, upon further analysis and watching the rest of this video, it becomes clear that more thought went into this build than “How much power can it make”.

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First to get ahold of the car was Lingenfelter Performance, a shop with a long-standing reputation among enthusiasts as one of the best in the nation. You don’t earn a reputation like that by turning out junk, and that is obvious when you look at the fit and finish of the LPE twin turbo kit on this Corvette. Not only does the installation make decent, useable power, it looks as if it could have been installed by the factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. That’s a huge part of what makes this car special, if you look at the exterior, the interior and even under the hood, it looks very much like a stock C5 Z06, except for the automatic transmission. However, all but the sharpest passers by will just assume this car is a stock Z06, meaning it’s ideal for sneaking up on unsuspecting opponents at the redlight.

After the Lingenfelter crew worked their magic on it, the owner had it sent to Vengeance racing, who dropped in a fully-upgraded Stage 10 automatic transmission and upgraded stall converter, helping the car put down the power in a much more efficient manner than the factory six speed. With upgraded axles, a gear swap, and beefy suspension upgrades, the car puts down nearly 650 horsepower while maintaining all of the comfort and driveability of a stock Corvette.

Sixty large may be a lot to spend, but the quality found in the finished product just may well be worth it. Plus, as the video host points out, the modifications really add little if anything to the resale value, so you may very well stumble across a car with mods like these already completed for the same price as a stock unit.

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