Honda Powered MR2 DESTROYS Supra’s! (600hp Turbo K24)

We love an underdog story, especially when it involves one of the more under ...

We love an underdog story, especially when it involves one of the more under appreciated cars of my generation in somewhat of a sleeper role. I always thought the Toyota MR2 had great looks, though in factory form, it lacked the power to really back up the image the designers created. Well this Aussie MR2 owner decided to remedy that by dropping in a potent boosted Honda powerplant that pushing the little ‘Toya to some impressive quarter mile times and speeds.

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The engine, a Honda K24 that ships in the Euro-spec Accords, cranks out a respectable 600 horsepower, pushing the lightweight MR2 down the asphalt landing strip well ahead of some pretty badass cars, including a couple of Toyota’s more widely-known sports cars, the vaunted Supra. The MR2 takes the win in the RWD class with relative ease, with none of the other cars in the class able to put up much of a fight against the healthy Honda-powered Toyota.

While the ET’s were well off those the car would lay down on a prepped drag strip, it still managed a very impressive 10.1 second quarter mile ET at 152 MPH despite a best sixty foot time of 1.8 seconds, which is only scratching the surface of the car’s bottom end capability had traction been available instead of the basically unprepared asphalt.

Overall, this is an amazingly impressive car given the fairly simple approach the owner has taken. This isn’t some exotic swap with a ton of mods to the engine, and the car even uses a Honda transmission for putting the power to the ground. It’s great to see such an awesome looking car finally live up to the power levels the car looks like it should have. The owner claims there’s an even more impressive one coming that he is building for a customer and we can only imagine how badass that one will be!

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