How Strong is a Solid Block of LEAD?

When it comes to shooting, there are about a million different combinations that you ...

When it comes to shooting, there are about a million different combinations that you could come up with in terms of what your target is and what kind of ammunition you’re using to see how certain materials will interact. When you throw the limitless amount of weaponry into the mix that the ammo can be fired from, the matrix becomes even more complicated, bringing more options into the mix. This time, we check out the popular YouTube channel that goes by the name of “Demolition Ranch” as they pick out a collection of guns and ammunition before firing it all at a single 100-pound block of lead.

Now, as we know, lead isn’t necessarily the hardest metal that there is out there but, as you probably know from all of the analogies that you hear, it weighs a ton! So, will the incredibly dense but soft metal interact with projectiles being fired at it? Will it shatter? Will it allow them to pierce straight through? Will it prevent them from penetrating? The only way to answer all of these questions and more is to get out into the field and fire off a couple of rounds which is exactly what we get to see here as we’re taken along for the ride that takes this hunk of lead and puts it to the test!

Check out the video down below that shows off the shooting display as this block most certainly takes a couple of hits and then some. Afterward, be sure to tell us exactly what you think of how this lead did up against all of this ammo. Did you expect this thing to come out the way that it did? One thing is for sure, after all was said and done, that massive block took one heck of a beating!


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