How to Make an Amazing Cardboard Gun That Shoots

With enough creativity, skill, and just the right plan, you can create just about ...

With enough creativity, skill, and just the right plan, you can create just about anything you set your mind to, even when the materials at hand are rather simple. This demonstration shows us exactly that as the person behind this one uses nothing more than their know how in order to put together a complete functioning gun. That’s right, using simple materials like cardboard from a box that you probably have laying around and a couple of simple supplies of the majority of homes probably have available, this guy was able to create something incredibly cool.

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In this one, we follow the step-by-step that shows you exactly how the mechanism came together, giving this gun shape, making it look like a real weapon, and of course, giving it the ability to fire. The fact that this person was able to create something like this all out of cardboard is pretty awesome, but the fact that it’s fully functioning is something else entirely! This kind of display really leads you to think about all the other creations that you could synthesize out of nothing but the basic things you have laying around the house. With enough wherewithal and a couple of basic tools, you could really come up with something special.

Take a peek at the video below that shows the entire process from start to finish of how this toy gun comes together and be sure to tell us what you think of the creative process. It most certainly isn’t every day that you see someone who is able to carry something like this out and convey to you how to do it in a step-by-step video that will have you being a creative genius in no time! After getting a load of this one for yourself, tell us if you’re going to set out to create one.

How to make Amazing Cardboard Gun that Shoots

How to make Amazing Cardboard Gun that ShootsVia

Posted by CrLazy on Monday, August 7, 2017

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