How To Make The Easiest And Best Oil Barrel Barbecue Ever! (No Welding)

There’s no need to head to the sporting good store or department store and buy ...

There’s no need to head to the sporting good store or department store and buy a grill when you can make your own quite easily out of a metal drum. This video gives you the complete instructions necessary to build your own barbecue from a 55 gallon steel drum without even having to fire up the welder.

Basically, you cut out the door itself, measuring and drilling the holes for the hinges first so the drum will be easier to work with, then you cut out the door that will open to access the inside of the grill. After carefully cutting the lid and attaching the hinges, you can build a handle out of a short piece of wood or whatever else you have handy that can be bolted to the lid. From that point the only thing left to do is add the legs, which are quite simple to make as well.

That’s all you need to be able to fire up the grill and cook for the whole family or neighborhood. As a bonus, this has to be a great conversation starter, as it’s quite cool looking as well as functional!

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