How to Turn a $150k G-Wagon into a Bulletproof $1 Million Machine

When it comes to those who are super rich, well, I think that a lot of people agree ...

When it comes to those who are super rich, well, I think that a lot of people agree that there are rich folks out there who buy some really downright frivioulous things. We definitely get that when you have the money to spend on just about anything, buying nice things for yourself is certainly not a crime, however, the excess sometimes gets so ridiculous that it makes you question exactly what someone is thinking. It really seems like this particular Mercedes-Benz G wagon combines a little bit of that understandable high dollar expenditure with some ways of spending money that will make your head spin.

When it all started out, this vehicle that we see pictured here was other than your typical $150,000 Mercedes-Benz. Is it a car that most people would love to get their hands on? Yes. Is it something that’s really all that out of the ordinary? Well, upon a first glance you’d probably be inclined to say “no,” however, when you look deeper into it to see what this thing is really made of, you lay your eyes on just how unique it is after all and how somebody managed to take a low six-figure investment and turn it into something that would cost them seven!

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll see everything from a stash for a $10,000 pen and insane seat coverings all the way to a bulletproof coating that you would never be keen to unless somebody alerted you to what lies beneath the surface of this incredibly expensive Mercedes. After following along with the video below that takes a liberty of picking apart every last aspect of this SUV and showing you what makes it special, be sure to tell us what you think of the custom build that thinks of just about everything.


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