Insane Cold Start Chevy 454 BBC!

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who tend to like the summer season the most, ...

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who tend to like the summer season the most, we regret to inform you that the warm days are winding down and right around the corner, in certain regions of the country, that cold weather is coming that might also just so happen to drop some snow with it.

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When it gets nice and frigid out, some will find that they fall in love with the changing temperatures but others will probably dread it. Even for those who aren’t exactly pleased that the temperature dropping down incredibly low, there are certain elements that you could stop and take a look at that might just make you a little bit less drab about the season.

One thing that you could consider, while small, is the fact that the cold start will be coming back in full swing. There’s something just so unique about hearing an engine fire up from a completely cold state as it’s left to sit overnight, becoming one with the ambient temperature that might get in the teens or even lower. When the temperature does drop this low, it generally calls for a different cold starting scenario than you would normally see during the summer.

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