Insurance fraud? Man cuts down tree and it lands on his truck perfectly

Cutting down a tree might seem like fairly straightforward work but if you’ve ...

Cutting down a tree might seem like fairly straightforward work but if you’ve been on the internet, you know that people tend to make easy things twist and turn to be rather difficult. From the looks of things here, cutting down a tree like this one isn’t something that just anyone can carry out.

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This time, we catch up with a man who was having a rather bad time as he attempts to go after this pesky tree and the tree ends up biting him back as it falls in the exact wrong direction and the worst case scenario unfolds.

We watch from afar as, for some reason, the man parks his truck almost directly against the tree and before we know it, the tree topples over, crushing the truck with it.

Check out the video below that shows the entire thing as captured by one of the neighbors. That is surely one way to start off a week poorly. We wouldn’t want to be in this guy’s shoes when trying to explain the whole deal to his insurance company.

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