Is This The Quickest Lamborghini In The World?

Most of the time when we’re talking about Lamborghinis, they’re stretching their legs ...

Most of the time when we’re talking about Lamborghinis, they’re stretching their legs through the half mile or the standing mile at some insane speeds. However, occasionally we run across one on the quarter mile, and that’s what we’ve found for you today.

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Before you guys rip me to shreds in the comments, I’m going to go ahead and say that yes, I am fully aware this is a purpose built, tube chassis drag car with a Lambo body bolted to it. I’m not trying to fool anybody into believing somebody has converted a Countach to a front engine layout with a massive blower and modified the body to fit these massive rear tires. Let’s keep it real here, this is as much an actual Lamborghini as the altered in the other lane. However, it technically would be listed on the run sheet as a Lambo, so we’re going to give it the nod as the quickest Bull on the quarter mile until we see another one go quicker.

If I’m not mistaken, this car has actually been around for a couple of decades, swapping hands and changing paint schemes a few times throughout the years. Randy Moore, the guy who originally built it back in the 90’s, assuming again that this is the same car, is now the driver of The Wizard Monster Jam monster truck. I remember watching Moore race his Tosti Asti-sponsored Lambo at my home track when it was part of the IHRA national event tour and thinking what an awesome, unique ride it was, and I have to say, whether this is that same car or not, its definitely cool to see a Lambo with a ridiculous blower sticking out of the hood and those steamroller tires crammed under the rear end.

Laying down a sold 7.05 elapsed time at just a tick under 200 MPH through the 1320 shows this car is making a ton of power and putting it down really well. If it’s almost hitting 200 in the quarter, I can’t imagine what it would do out the back door of the half mile or standing mile… I don’t see why it wouldn’t go way over 300 if given the opportunity to gallop a few thousand more feet!

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