Jeep Owners Can Now Have a Fire Pit to Match Their Jeep!

Sure, the tried-and-true is certainly a formula that’s worth looking into. No ...

Sure, the tried-and-true is certainly a formula that’s worth looking into. No matter what “it” is, if something is known to work, there has to be some merit behind the combination. However, going outside the box every once in a while is a good way to come up with something incredible. In the fabrication world, it seems like folks are always ready to go outside the box to come up with something new. When a vision is executed on a high level with some creativity, we can end up seeing creations that will leave our jaws on the floor.

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This time, the basic premise of the creation is simple. The creator behind this one was looking to make a fire pit. However, instead of a simple shape, he would try and add a little bit of flair to the mix. The result ended up being something pretty incredible that is sure to be a centerpiece to create conversations at all sorts of bonfires. Instead of a regular piece that one might find a home improvement store, this fabricator went above and beyond. The idea was to create the fire pit that looked something like a Jeep. The result, we would say, shows some impressive execution.

Normally, Fab Fours Bumpers is all about creating what the name implies. Normally, while in the shop, they will bring to life some creative bumper concepts for off-road vehicles. However, this time, an idea that was off-the-wall really came to life. For those looking to pick one of these things up, the shop offers them for $365 on their website. It might be a little bit more costly than other fire pits but it certainly is a way to stand out! Every guest at the party is going to be impressed with this one of a kind creation!

Custom Painting Jeep Fire Pit

Weekend projects with the kids are always worth it! Customizing a new Jeep Fire Pit however you want. You could even have a miniature version of your Jeep for the backyard patio! To get your Jeep Fire Pit just follow the link and order yours today

Posted by Fab Fours Bumpers on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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