Jet Powered Drag Bike Does The 1/4 Mile in 5 Seconds!

If you’ve ever been to the drag strip and watched someone on a motorcycle span ...

If you’ve ever been to the drag strip and watched someone on a motorcycle span the gap of a quarter mile between the start and finish line, you know that some of these riders are truly insane! When you’re on two wheels with nothing around you for protection and blast to speeds nearing that 200 mph mark, I’d be inclined to think that you probably have more guts than most as there aren’t too many people who would stay in throttle all the way through the end. When you start to play with the big boys, let’s just say that you really get moving up towards the top end of the drag strip.

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In this one, we show off a drag bike that puts almost every other bike that we have seen on a lower level. It’s certainly nothing to the ashamed of if you aren’t running this fast but, on the other hand, watching this jet powered bike travel 1320-feet down to the finish line in just five seconds is a true feat to admire as it completely plows through the racing surface, mustering up a trap speed of almost 250 mph when all is said and done when it makes its way across the finish line.

I can see this shaping up in one of two ways for the rider. Either this is the most terrifying thing that he or she has ever done but they somehow they’ve overcome that or it all happens so fast that they can’t even process the information quickly enough to be afraid. Either way, you have to admit that this is nothing short of completely badass. For the people who were lucky enough to be on location and see this thing in person, it had to be a really special experience because it’s not too often that you see a motorcycle traveling that fast, especially in that short of a span of space.

INCREIBLE! 5.232 segundos al cuarto de milla #Rey_

Posted by Familia Racing on Friday, June 30, 2017

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