Joe Biden Does a Burnout In His Corvette Stingray

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has been the key figure in one of the funniest ...

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has been the key figure in one of the funniest meme themes of all time, but he’s also a little bit of a car guy, and he has a car with a great story that he shared with our friend Jay Leno on a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. We enjoyed the story so much that we wanted to share it with you  guys.

Vice President Biden was actually given the car as a wedding gift from his father, who ran the largest dealership in Delaware. While his dad didn’t have a lot of money, he was able to gift the car to Biden on his wedding day, in 1967. Biden has kept the car in excellent condition through the years, although his sons Beau and Hunter did have the engine rebuilt for him as a Christmas gift one year. The car is a factory small block car with a four speed transmission and a set of iconic rally-style wheels that really give the car a great vintage look.

Vice President Biden and Jay take the car for a ride, and Biden immediately stomps the gas and burns a little rubber across the parking lot as Leno hangs on for the ride! While the guys are enjoying the top-down joyride, they discuss other prominent cars in their pasts as well as some of their favorite car-related memories. As the ride winds down a late model C7 ‘Vette pulls up behind the pair and passes them, prompting a little pursuit as they return to the parking lot. As they roll up beside the mystery man in the C7, he rolls the window down, revealing himself to be none other than Colin Powell, former US Secretary of State.

While we don’t all see eye to eye on political views, the love of hot rods bridges that gap, bringing together those who would otherwise not bother speaking to each other, just one of many reasons the car community is so amazing.

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