Kawasaki “J” Concept – Electric Motorcycle – The Future Of Motorcycles?

Kawasaki “J” Concept – Electric Motorcycle – The Future Of ...

Kawasaki “J” Concept – Electric Motorcycle – The Future Of Motorcycles?

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As if motorcycles weren’t efficient enough already, Kawasaki has brought to us the concept of one that takes that efficiency even a step further.

We’ve seen electric cars, but now they’re proposing the implementation of an electric-powered motorcycle that would take “gas mileage” to a new extreme – unlimited.

We’re given a little bit of a teaser from the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and haven’t been given much of an update since except for the fact that Kawasaki has filed for a few patents since the unveiling.

Check out the video below that could very well be showing off the future of motorcycles. Will we see all electric power come to the mainstream in the next couple of years?

Check out the bike below that could be the most futuristic at bike week!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.47.51 AM

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