KrazyKelly vs Murder Nova: Tri Five Chevy Catches Fire and Police Roll Up

KrazyKelly vs Murder Nova: Tri-Five Chevy Catches Fire and Police Roll Upon-road vs ...

KrazyKelly vs Murder Nova: Tri-Five Chevy Catches Fire and Police Roll Up

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When it comes to street racing, the police are about the last people that you would like to see as a participant. Yeah, they’re just doing their jobs, but they almost never have good news for you.

When KrazyKelly was preparing to line up his Tri-Five Chevrolet Belair with Murder Nova, his engine compartment caught on fire before the race could even begin!

Check out the video below as a cop passes by and stops because he saw the flames. Luckily for Kelly, the officer had no jurisdiction over the area. Even though it seems like they were in the clear anyway at this point, those had to be some reassuring words to say the least!

Watch as this nitrous powered ProMod combusts into a huge ball of flames!



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