Leah Pritchett’s 707hp Hellcat vs Sleeper Mazda RX7… Space Race

Leah Pritchett makes her money driving the Papa John’s Top Fuel Dragster for Don ...

Leah Pritchett makes her money driving the Papa John’s Top Fuel Dragster for Don Schumacher Racing. She spent most of the 2017 season with the points lead and the national ET record, which she actually set and reset twice during the season.

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When the season is over, Leah doesn’t just sit around and relax, in fact, I’d be willing to say she spends more time working during the offseason because preparation for 2018 begins as soon as the 2017 campaign ends. However, she does manage to find a little time to have fun, and what better place to do that than the Hoonigan HQ, where Leah showed up with her Hellcat Challenger, complete with her custom wheels from Centerline.

Pritchett spends some time hanging out with Kikawa while Hert takes over the interview, playing a bigger, much more tanned version of LP.

When Leah takes control of the interview, they basically talk about everything but cars, with LP taking a turn as Hert’s bench press bar.

Finally, talk turns to the Hellcat, Leah’s daily driver, which is currently stock except for the LP Series wheels which were revealed at SEMA last month. As we all know by now, the Hellcat is Dodge’s 707 horsepower blown heme-powered Challenger which has become a buzz magnet for Dodge, with the Charger and Challenger both sending waves though the car world. And of course, anything Leah does gets the media talking because she’s quite literally the coolest chick on the planet.

The interview concludes and Hert calls in a competitor for Leah so they can do a space race in the yard, and thanks to a limited traction and a huge weight difference, the little Mazda takes 2 out of 3 races over Leah’s more powerful but heavier Challenger. Maybe next time LP comes back she’ll be behind the wheel of a Demon, as those factory drag radials would have made a huge difference in the Space Race! Look for more news from LP during the offseason and as always, the guys at Hoonigan will have more fresh new (moist) awesomeness coming for you guys soon!

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