Lil Country Loses Control, Meets Both Walls at NPK.

When it comes to the different circuits around the racing scene known as “no ...

When it comes to the different circuits around the racing scene known as “no prep” racing, traction has proven to come at more of a premium. The surface is a bit more challenging to race on by design as it’s stripped of all rubber and glue. With this, drivers are taking their own personal safety into their hands. This means fans are always locked in as they never know what’s coming.

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It also has become a hot topic for debate.

On the “should not” side of the spectrum, people argue that it’s really not worth the risk. Everyone is putting it on the line. There could be major loss in both the health and money categories if one of these cars crashes. This is almost a regular occurrence on a track that’s not prepared for racing.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, people argue that these kinds of races definitely have the fans watching and big purses that can offset that risk. It’s also hard to argue with the idea that no prep events are really helping to grow drag racing as a whole. As a result, drivers can battle for a much more substantial purse.

I guess that at the end of the day, it’s all up to the driver to pick if it’s truly worth it or not to enter themselves in such an event.

Apparently, in this race, Lil Country had weighed out his options and decided that he would participate in a no prep. This one was going down at the No Prep Kings promotion in Ohio. It just so happened that his car would get away from here. The wreck was nothing short of brutal, unfortunately.

In the video below, we watch as the Chevrolet Camaro struggles for traction. The driver, Justin Swanstrom, is in it to win it until he loses complete control of the car. There wasn’t much that he could do as the car slid out of the groove, sending it sideways. This resulted in a collision with both walls.

Luckily, no life-threatening injuries were sustained in the process. It’s going to be back to the drawing board for Lil Country, though.

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