Marshawn Lynch Went Go-Karting with his Buddies and the Crash is Must See

Even though all that we, the fans, get to see for the most part is how certain ...

Even though all that we, the fans, get to see for the most part is how certain entertainers, celebrities, and sports players act while they’re doing their job, there are other aspects of these people behind the scenes. It seems like in the past decade or so, this interesting lifestyle of the rich and famous has been tapped into by various reality television shows and if there’s one player in all of the NFL that deserves a reality television show based on personality alone, many would say that Marshawn Lynch would be a prime candidate for that title.

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Well, as it turned out, just that show actually exists and in it, you can catch Marshawn operating in life without a script. The way that he describes it, a camera simply comes along to film what’s him and his family are going to be doing anyway and he absolutely positively refuses to have a script anywhere to be found. With how Marshawn is, well… Marshawn, that’s probably for the better because this guy is downright hilariously entertaining as he just doesn’t care! This time, it just so happens that him and the crew were all heading out to go go-karting. We all know that Lynch can hit the hole hard on the football field but how well can he really hit the perfect line on the race track?

If you follow long down the video below, you’ll be able to see how an NFL legend handles being taken out of his element and put into ours. It’s really neat to see how Lynch acts off of the field as many would say that he’s one of the most entertaining people to watch operate in regular life because he simply just doesn’t care who is watching. We really can appreciate that fresh attitude and we think that you will too.

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