Miniland USA Might Just Have You Questioning Your Own Sanity, We Swear It’s Real!

Sometimes, you might know nothing about a particular topic but when you see someone ...

Sometimes, you might know nothing about a particular topic but when you see someone take part in a hobby at the highest level possible, it’s pretty easy to appreciate. A perfect example of this is the setup that they have at Legoland in California as they have put together Miniland USA, reconstructing many of your favorite areas from around the States, all, obviously on a smaller scale, 1:20, to be a bit more precise. However, while small, the detail in these buildings is absolutely amazing and something that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of once you’ve begun to take a walk.

With each and every glimpse that you take, it seems like things just get more incredible by the second as you’ll see scaled-down cities that take on different landmarks and even details as small as cable cars all the way down to architectural themes that really bring these creations to life. It seems like the people behind this massive mini creation left no stone, or in this case, brick, unturned in the pursuit of making an absolutely perfect New York, San Francisco, and even Las Vegas, attempting to bring these cities to life in a miniaturized form. You might even have to watch his video several times to pick up on all of the subtle details that make Miniland thrive.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to see the culmination of 10 million bricks and over 8,000 LEGO civilians alongside countless hours of calculated labor that went into creating Miniland and all of the Minilanders. This is definitely something that you have got to see to believe as no matter what words we come up with, it almost seems like they wouldn’t suffice. You have to just see this thing for yourself in order to truly understand what Miniland USA is all about.

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