Modified Classic Lincoln With Glowing Tires

YouTuber SupercarBlondie has a knack for finding the coolest car related content and ...

YouTuber SupercarBlondie has a knack for finding the coolest car related content and bringing it to her massive audience. She recently ran across this tricked out custom Lincoln with some insane features, which she points out in the video below.

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The first and, in my opinion at least, potentially game changing thing she notices is the glowing, color changing tires. I don’t have any information right off about the tires themselves, other than what they weigh, thanks to our lovely video hostess. Tipping the scales at 110 pounds each, these insane tires are certainly no featherweight rolling stock, but I can only imagine how cool this car looks rolling down the street at night with the tires shining like multicolor beacons from under the wheel wells.

The cool factor doesn’t stop with the tires, though. Looking in the drivers compartment, we see that the car has some insane, futuristic controls. From the steering wheel itself, which looks almost like an overgrown dragster butterfly steering wheel, to the joystick center control that not only handles steering, but also acceleration and braking, like you see in airplanes.

To top off the crazy wheels and ridiculous controls, everything on the car that isn’t painted appears to be covered in 24 karat gold, really driving home the over-the-topness of this custom build. I’m headed to see what I can find out about these tires, and any other insane accessories that may be out there that I didn’t know existed. I’m not sure if these are meant to be a throwback to days gone by, and they have faded into oblivion like so many other fads and trends, or if these are the wave of the future and we’ll be seeing them on the road soon. Either way, I need to know more, so I am off to google![0]=68.ARCA2wPJDJCiRctH5h0UarVIDJVTVJWOAwwjazfr193WP88-CVscgvYd67ohmEi1-aDidu-bfiT6U0ypnn18t-V4AEg70dRlHkpaU1RMNDHMG7RZCxDPQ6IksOuvbhhqQ4GzFDg-sf89ir69be0SReKdlxDv-SJvpmMUDfFABrAN7mGRNdUMCqQcTmhkpvtGYaQal0X2OtqnVUCydg-Z0Z-yJQngYdRWhbMwIoWwsCS7HQT9LAAaFDgFY0RLi7Nsmlk__y9R3a-IjtTNjiScF2amj3Bx5W15TQzHv0zQP2bSjobLfzCtu8eVWxQS4AMhYvld98jUdjZ2jGyga7DxxvtmwdgLDp6R7fEHdx1gHxMz-29o-WFZkUbneON3XIB0cHgcIac&__tn__=-R

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