Mom Reacts To 800HP Supercharged Lamborghini!

Parker from Vehicle Virgins is back with another new video, this time following a ...

Parker from Vehicle Virgins is back with another new video, this time following a trend that we hope never dies: catching his mom’s reaction to his 800 horsepower Lamborghini. Yes, it’s been done and we’ve shared a lot of them, but there’s a good reason videos like this keep popping up. Just watch and see for yourself.

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The video starts with Parker and his lovely mother sliding into the low slung Huracan, a car that those familiar with the Vehicle Virgins channel already know all about. For those who are new to VV, Parker’s bright green Lamborghini has been down a different modification route than most who modify their Lambos. Parker set out to have the car twin turboed, but that just didn’t work out due to delays and general shadiness from the company that he had chosen to install the twins. So instead, the car is now supercharged and cranks out a respectable 800 HP to the wheels. As most of you know, this also means there’s no lag when Parker stomps on the loud pedal, and the car has a great, distinctive exhaust note and does that cool backfiring thing on deceleration.
As they cruise around and let the car warm up, Parker and his mom discuss some of the cars she’s owned and how she’s not a big fan of going fast or loud noises. The car backfires a couple of times while Parker’s slowing down and his mom nearly jumps out of the seat, so it’s pretty clear when he’s able to go wide open throttle, she’s going to be pretty entertaining.

Finally, when the car’s warmed up and the road is sufficiently clear, Parker lets the 800 HP scream, and his mom joins right in, squealing loudly over the roar of the engine and clambering for something to hang on to. By the end, her hands are sweaty and we’ve had plenty of laughs, but luckily mom’s a good sport and is able to laugh at herself as well.

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