Murrieta CA. Chevy Truck Gets Stuck in Flood! Family of 4 Has to be Rescued!

Parts of Southern California are being hammered with record rainfall, leading to ...

Parts of Southern California are being hammered with record rainfall, leading to historic flooding in the area. While most individuals stick to the mantra “Turn around, don’t drown”, a few brave folks have taken a more cavalier approach to the impassable roads, leading to what you see here.

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Rescue crews had to act quickly to rescue a stranded family from their pickup when the floodwaters washed if off of the roadway. Watch below as the rescuers work with great precision and speed to rescue the family from the stranded Silverado. While it’s certainly not the situation they wanted to be in, you can see the determination on the faces of the rescue crew as they do whatever it takes to bring the family to shore. Hopefully the driver learned a valuable lesson and won’t make this mistake again, as the outcome here could have been far worse had the truck tipped over or washed downstream to deeper water. This family is very lucky the rescuers were able to pluck them from the truck, as the surging waters would have swept them away in and instant had they tried to swim to safety.

Please, folks, use your best judgement when crossing any flooded roadway. If the water is running rapidly across the road, it takes only a few inches of water to sweep a car off into the ditch. Do you need to get somewhere so bad you’d risk your car and your life to cross a flooded road?

VIDEO: Watch this dramatic water rescue that took place in Murrieta Sunday afternoon. (Credit: Joe Fanaselle/AIM News)

Posted by CBS Los Angeles on Sunday, January 22, 2017



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