Mustang Burnout So Brutal Sparks Start Flying And The Tires Blow!

There are two kinds of drivers in this world, those who will push their car ...

There are two kinds of drivers in this world, those who will push their car conservatively, making sure that they doesn’t get pushed over the edge and those who absolutely drive it like they stole it. While we definitely have respect for both sides of that coin, let’s just say that watching people driving it like they stole it are more fun to watch, in most scenarios. Hey, it isn’t us who are going to have to do all the repairs and maintenance to keep the car up to par and replace parts to make sure that it’s able to properly function look decent once again. More power to the people who are willing to do that, though!

This time, we check out a Ford Mustang in action and the driver really is stretching the legs out on this thing, pushing the car to an uncomfortable extreme while blasting down an open strip, doing burnouts, donuts, and just all-out pounding on this thing to the fullest extent of the driver’s ability. This display of power is really a pleasure to witness as the driver absolutely brutalizes that poor Ford on his way to putting on a show! It almost looks like the way that most of our buddies would probably treat a rental car except this machine has a little bit more power!

Follow along with this wonderful display down in the video below that will make you wish that you were a part of the action. Be sure to chime in and tell us where you sit on such a beating with such a desirable car. I know that this is one video that will definitely split enthusiast opinions in half about how they’d treat this thing but I think that both sides really have an argument here! In the meantime, tune in and enjoy the show!


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