Nasty 950whp Nissan GTR Battles a 950whp Corvette C7 Z06 On The Streets!

If the video below teaches us anything, it’s that Nissan really has their power ...

If the video below teaches us anything, it’s that Nissan really has their power delivery systems working a lot better than GM. Based on the numbers, this should be a pretty close race. The gorgeous Procharged C7 Z06 Corvette is making 950 horsepower to the wheels, the exact same number as the sinister dark charcoal GTR it’s lined up beside. With identical horsepower numbers, and relatively similar weight, the only factor left that can make a difference is power delivery, and it’s clear from the word “Three!” that the GTR, which has a larger turbo and a built transmission, has got a pretty sizable advantage in that category.

While the GTR does have all-wheel drive, that is typically considered a hindrance in roll races, where the added weight and friction are generally thought to offset whatever advantage powering the front wheels may provide. However, that’s clearly not a problem for this GTR. In the first race, it looks like the C7 may have been in a higher gear than expected, resulting in a laggy response from he car when the driver drops the hammer while the GTR jumps out to a couple of bus-lengths lead. The second time around, the Vette seems to be in the correct gear and does a better job of hanging with the Nissan, but it’s still clearly not up to the task, falling several car lengths behind.

They decide to go one more round, and once again it’s the GTR jumping out to a wide margin and continuing to drive smooth out of the Z07’s life. If you guys know what it is that makes the GTR so much quicker, from power delivery to all wheel drive to sandbagging – which could very well be the case – feel free to chime in and let us know. In the mean time, just sit back and enjoy the spanking this Nissan lays on the Vette over and over.

950whp GTR vs 950whp Z06 ON THE STREETS!https://youtu.be/xI6SBpdTshU

Posted by Shots By Jacob on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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