NASTY Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spits Out Nitrous

NASTY Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spits Out Nitrous* Click the image below and get ...

NASTY Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spits Out Nitrous

* Click the image below and get entered today for free! *
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When it comes to modifying your ride, everyone has their own specific tastes and that’s what makes the scene such the great place that it is.

This time, we catch up with a Shelby GT500 that’s modifications set it apart from any Ford Mustang that we’ve ever seen before. Not to mention, this thing sounds sinister as well.

From the grumbling exhaust to the purging nitrous, every part of us is excited about this wild stallion. When we see it doing a burnout, that excitement amplifies ten fold.

Check out all of this ride in the video below and tell us what you think of the killer muscle car. The don’t make them much more demonic than this!

You won’t believe what is under the hood of this Mustang, it’s probably not what you’d expect.


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