New Ducati Mini Bike For Kids Is A Must Have!

As we continue to get older, it seems like the toys that you see the youngsters these ...

As we continue to get older, it seems like the toys that you see the youngsters these days having access to are getting cooler and cooler. Every which way you look, it really would appear as if the little ones these days have access to some things that have some pretty insane build quality and the accessories to match. It only makes sense that this industry get more and more attractive as what they’re selling is solely based off of the curb appeal and making the items as shiny as they possibly can to get as many young eyes on them as possible.

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This time, the toy that’s managed to grab some big-time attention is none other than a scaled down Ducati miniature motorcycle that allows kids to roll in style with a whole different variety of features that might just make you wish that something like this was around when you were a youngster. However, with the price tag that comes along with this thing, you’ll see that all of those features aren’t free when it comes down to it, ringing up your credit card to the tune of over $350. I guess that when it comes to something that has so much built into it, you’ve really got to pay to play!

In terms of what you get, I think that a lot of folks would love to have a couple of these features on their own ride as this thing comes with everything that you’d need to get rolling from a push-button start and leather seat all the way to a USB slot that supports mp3 to blast a couple of tunes while on the roll. When it comes to how this thing rolls, you can expect to move with the help of a pair of 6-volt rechargeable batteries and a pair of motors as you have your path led by LEDs that are not only functional as headlights but also ring their way around the wheels for an extra effect.

The age listed with something like this is 9+, so we know that you’re raring and ready to jump on and go for a ride, but we would probably recommend that something like this is saved for the kids! In terms of how much is packed into this toy, we would be inclined to say that they really hit the nail on the head with this one!

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