Oblivious Drivers Hit Massive Pothole, Conveniently in Front of a Tire Shop!

When it comes to the conditions of the roads you drive on, some areas definitely have ...

When it comes to the conditions of the roads you drive on, some areas definitely have it a lot worse than others. It just so happens that Jersey City in New Jersey has exceptionally bad roads in areas and there are even some videos out there showing some of the more aggressive spots. Honestly, it looks like they just gave up on trying to help people because the roads are just so bad that they wouldn’t really be able to make an impact by themselves!

This time, YouTuber, iAmTaiBoogie, says that he called up the Department of Transportation to tell them that all kinds of cars were eating the dust thanks to one pothole in particular and, in the meantime, he set up a camera to show the destruction that the local pothole was causing to unsuspecting motorists. To be frank, it really did more of a number than we thought as the cars were really done a number on by this hole that seems to have developed and grown out of control!

It’s really extreme to watch as cars come barreling down the road and end up slamming into the hole, launching themselves up into the air and doing some damage as the drivers definitely had to feel this one as they bounce around like ragdolls. It’s almost painful to watch and this is a testament to why you should keep your eyes focused on the road at all times. Heck, even some people who might have seen it didn’t have much room to avoid it!

Check out the video below that shows the situation that probably had these drivers just a little bit jarred. There’s no way that hitting a massive hole like this feels good or is doing any good for your ride. This one is going to leave a mark for those unlucky enough to feel its wrath.

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