Officer Gets Unexpected Surprise as Cruiser Goes Up in Flames After 142 mph Chase

Time and time again, stories about the job indicate that a police officer on the job ...

Time and time again, stories about the job indicate that a police officer on the job never truly knows exactly what to expect. This might have become something that’s almost cliché at this point but as videos like this are released, it’s easy to see just how true the concept can really be. During a shift, we would presume that there are plenty of times where both the officers’ bodies and the equipment gets treated rather rough as they certainly have some pretty intense goals to accomplish. This means that at points in time on the job, there may be a couple of moments of failure, which is to be expected.

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This time, the point of failure just so happens to come after a high-speed moment. Luckily, the incident would not unfold until after the officer had already pulled over and stopped, however, that doesn’t stop it from being any less intense. As the officer gets out of the patrol car and begins to conduct the stop after rocketing to 142 mph to catch the suspect here, eventually, a small flame would eventually spread its way along until it was too large to control and the entire patrol car would go up in a ball of fire as things got pretty scary.

Luckily, it does look like all people who were anywhere near this thing ended up being able to have plenty of time to get out of the way. However, it certainly looks like the patrol car is going to have to be replaced. With the amount of fire that we saw erupting here, there is certainly no saving this one. In situations like these, that “on your toes” attitude definitely comes in handy as this could’ve certainly gone much worse if everything didn’t find a way to align just right.

Trooper's patrol car catches fire after driving 142 MPH

Troopers gonna troop

Posted by Officer Daniels on Monday, 14 January 2019

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