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Up for grabs is an insane ride making some serious power. Sure, Dodge’s Hellcat Charger might have four doors but this sedan isn’t like anything that you’ll find driving around town. Instead, the Charger that we call “Ghost” is a ride that we’ve taken a lot of pride in making something special.

Dodge already went pretty full tilt with its Hellcat architecture. The 707 factory horsepower is simply impressive. However, they still left a little bit on the table for the taking. We made sure to make the most of this untapped potential by dropping a fully built 426" GEN III Hemi forced induction Long Block built by Late Model Engines. Proven reliable for daily 1200HP streetable horsepower, this 426 is a true drop in performance for your boosted cruiser. The bottom end consists of a forged rotating assembly made up of Callies Compstar crank and rods and custom Wiseco gas-ported pistons. The top end is boost ready with in-house CNC ported cylinder heads and fastened with ARP hardware. On top of the heart of the operation for Ghost, we have a factory supercharger that has been taken to the next level with the help of a Jokerz Performance Race Ported Blower package and Billet Blower Spacers. The factory unit is a monster but it leaves a little something on the table. With Jokerz, we grab that extra available performance edge.

Boost is controlled by a Litens Hellraiser 2.72 Pulley* and ATI Lower Balancer 10% with a pin kit to help maintain perfect balance in order to keep the car running smoothly for daily driving purposes.

The first components that touch the air being sucked into the engine are the intake and throttle body. Ignoring those would put a bottleneck on the whole operation so we upgraded them with a Carlyle Racing Intake and VMP 105mm Throttle Body. On the other end, getting air out is just as important as sucking it in which is why we elected to upgrade Ghost’s Exhaust to Kooks Headers with Green Cats and a Full Exhaust.

We top it off with equally important supporting modifications. Because we’re making more power, Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc Injectors combined with Fore Innovations Dual Return Fuel Rails help deliver more fuel.

Just because we like to be perfectionists, other supporting mods to really make things right are a Forza Tuned Catch Can filter out contaminants, a 160-degree thermostat to keep things cool, and an HP Tuners PCM Unlock with HP Tuners Smart Access Cable, just in case you want to do some data logging or tune the car after making more upgrades. Last but not least, we find an HD “green” belt because nobody likes to deal with pesky broken supercharger belts.

Everyone knows that you need a good tire to make sure that the power makes it where it needs to go. With that, Ghost features Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires (305/35/20).


All that supercharged goodness is no good if the power isn’t making it to the ground. To make sure that process goes smoothly, we started with a Driveshaft Shop Driveshaft. Reducing vibration while also providing the strength to make sure that nothing breaks is why this component is key!

Under the vehicle, we implemented KW V4 Coilovers. Not only do the coil overs provide a more aggressive stance. They also aid in a variety of performance metrics. Whether you’re trying to get more power to the ground in a straight-line situation or want to take on the corners with a vengeance, the KW V4 Coilovers help us get there. The Per4mance Development Billet Diff Brace adds yet another layer of strength to the driveline should the driver want to do a little bit of spirited driving.

To be frank, broken parts are a bummer and we wanted to do everything in our power to make sure that wouldn’t happen to Ghost!!


Of course, we had to add a couple of custom touches to make our Hellcat Charger stand out from the pack. Onboard, you’ll find a menacing contrasting matte black hood, roof and wing in addition to painted emblems, tinted tail lights, and tinted windows to give the car that subtle but head-turning finish.

Forza Tuning and Performance, LME, VP Racing Fuels, HP Tuners. Mustang Dyno. Drive Shaft Shop, Kooks

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Heather Goldfarb

Sweepstakes No 35. Winner

Heather Goldfarb

Reseda, CA

Prize Taken: Cadillac CTS-V + 20K Cash

Sweepstakes No. 35
Corey Pulley

Sweepstakes No 34. Winner

Corey Pulley

Raleigh, NC

Prize Taken: Trackhawk + 20k Cash

Sweepstakes No. 34

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