Palm Sized Power? Kicker PX200.1 200 watt Monoblock Amp Dyno Test

As technology continues to improve every day, we are able to watch as pretty much ...

As technology continues to improve every day, we are able to watch as pretty much everything gets smaller. Sure, components like screens on cell phones may be getting bigger but the components inside are getting more and more powerful per square inch. From the look of things, that’s a feature that is present in just about every facet of the electronics industry including audio equipment. As technology betters, it’s going to be interesting to see exactly where we can go in the next couple of years as efficiency rises to its peak.

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In this one, we take a look at a simple amplifier that appears to be much smaller than it should However, when we take a deeper look at this thing, we can see that it’s impressive even though the size may say otherwise. You know they say, good things can come in small packages. From what we’re told in the video, this amplifier was designed more for smaller applications like your motorcycles and side-by-sides but that isn’t to say that it leaves a lot on the table. It certainly would appear as if you’re getting a pretty good value all stuffed into one tiny little package.

You can follow along in the video below that outlines the aplifier and┬átells us what its what’s it’s all about and what we can expect to see out of this small package that really does deliver big things! After seeing this one for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this tiny little amplifier that has a lot of components onboard. As everything seems to get smaller and smaller, how much tinier do you think that amplifiers like these will be able to get before they stop shrinking? Who knows, maybe they will never stop and we will have micro-sized components soon!

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