Parker Nirenstein Gets Lamborghini Fixed With a Hammer!?

In just about any capacity, the life of a sports owner can be an expensive one. Even ...

In just about any capacity, the life of a sports owner can be an expensive one. Even at an entry level, keeping up with all the maintenance items and repairs for a car that gets put through this kind of abuse can be not only expensive but a full-time job, as well! Now, just imagine the maintenance to upkeep your regular sports car and replacing it with that which it would cost to drive around a Lamborghini and beat on it a little bit. Parker Nirenstein aka “Vehicle Virgins” on YouTube is all about that life as he has found himself counting endless dollars that he has to funnel into his collection machines to keep them alive and in tip-top shape.

This time, on tap is his Lamborghini Huracan, a car that he recently found himself racing and blowing through some expensive brake parts. We know some cars don’t even cost as much is the braking system that you might find on this Lamborghini, however, it’s the price you need to pay to play when it comes to putting such a high dollar machine through these kinds of paces. Sometimes, you even need to throw some creative problem-solving into the mix to make the whole picture come together and this is where the hammer comes into play for this Lamborghini repair process.

Sure, if you have the money to pick up a car like that you probably also have the money to go about fixing it, however, I’m not sure that anybody necessarily wants to spend that much dough on putting their car back together after beating on it. Follow along in the video below that goes through what it’s like to own such a car and what might be required if you want to take proper care of it. If you purchased an exotic car and expected that the all the money you would be spending would stop at the car’s price tag, completely draining your bank account from the start, you might want to think again about what you’re doing in that car market.

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