People Loosing Over Loud Exhausts! Some of Them Really Overreacted!

When looking at certain things in life, you have to remember that your perspective is ...

When looking at certain things in life, you have to remember that your perspective is just one of many. Just because you are definitely convinced that something should be one way or another doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to agree with you. We’re not saying that either of you are wrong but it’s important to remember that different people think differently about certain situations in different ways. One of the things that we might absolutely fall in love with is a car with a nice and throaty exhaust note that has a little bit of noise behind it, however, but that isn’t necessarily something that everybody loves.

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Now, I think that, for any reasonable person in this matter, there is a happy medium somewhere to be had. As car enthusiasts, we definitely want to have our exhausts sounding right but, if you drive around with a loud car that already draws plenty of attention, revving the engine repeatedly, you’re just asking for trouble. I think that, if you’re smart with it, there will be no issue. On the other hand, for people who aren’t really that into cars, they should probably realize that it’s quite a common occurance and that you shouldn’t completely freak out every time you hear a loud car. That isn’t really any way to handle yourself.

Anyways, this video takes the opportunity to compile the latter, showing us the group of people who weren’t so friendly to loud cars and definitely did their fair share of overreacting and then some. I’m not exactly sure how some people manage to get along in life with overreactions like these but they are oh so real, maybe a little bit too real for our liking if you ask me. After watching this collection of people absolutely losing their minds over nothing more than a little bit of excessive sound, tell us which of the group you think is the worst here.

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