Picking Out The Best Possible Bed Cover (+Knife Test)

After picking out a truck, sometimes, the logical next step is to go ahead and pick ...

After picking out a truck, sometimes, the logical next step is to go ahead and pick up a couple of accessories. After all, even for those who aren’t about being flashy, they will even notice that there are some accessories that have the simple goal of making a truck more functional. While the pickup truck segment can tend to be one that provides tons of utility, there are always different additions from the aftermarket that can really bring even more function. Perhaps, they will be to protect that investment that someone has sunken a lot of money into.

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This time, the subject of discussion is none other than bed covers. With most pick up trucks on the market, the bed can be very useful. However, for someone looking to store something in the bed, the design might just be a touch flawed. Both precipitation and the eyes of criminals alike can wander into an open bed. However, with a little bit of extra investment, those flaws can be turned into strengths. With something like a bed cap or tonneau cover, we can see a truck take on an all-new versatility. Just like any other market, though, for those looking to take on a cover, there are different choices out there with each providing their own sort of benefit.

By following along with the video below, we get the entire rundown from the folks over at American Trucks Ford. As always, our host, Justin Dugan, gives us a pretty insightful look at all of the different options on the market. From durability to the ability to deter criminals, it looks like some of these covers outperform others. Is this a scenario where spending the extra money is warranted? Well, by tuning in with the video below, we find out just that and more.

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