POLICE Find Abandoned McLaren 720S Destroyed In Las Vegas Desert!

While traveling through the desert, it might seem like wide-open roads are an ...

While traveling through the desert, it might seem like wide-open roads are an invitation to lay into the throttle and have at it, seeing just how well your car will perform as it rips through the corners and really accelerates on the open stretches of road. Speed limits exist but the temptation lingers as it sits right on your shoulder as there seems to be absolutely no obstacles within sight. Many times, out on these desert roads, there will be no other motorists, no businesses or homes to worry about, and absolutely no sign of life within miles. It’s definitely¬†a guilty pleasure for lots of gearheads, but as it turned out, this gearhead paid the price for that.

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In the latest rendition of a Daily Driven Exotics vlog series, we join the crew as they make their way through the Las Vegas desert and ended up stumbling upon something that’s incredibly insane to look at. It’s none other than a McLaren 720S that somebody appears to have rolled off of the road and completely torn limb from limb before abandoning it and making their way to a hospital. As you approach the car and view what’s left of it, it’s pretty insane to see as the machine appears to have done a pretty good job of keeping the occupants in one piece.

If you follow the video below, you’ll probably see one of the most expensive abandoned cars you’re going to see for quite some time. The police reported that, even though they didn’t get a chance to speak to the occupants, evidence suggests that they weren’t fatally injured in the accident and rather have made their way to a local hospital to be treated for what we would assume to be at least minor injuries.

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