SSCC23 Race Team SSCC23 Race Team SSCC23 Race Team
SSCC23 Race Team SSCC23 Race Team SSCC23 Race Team

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SSCC23 Race Team

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Racing Team - SSCC23 marks the 23rd exclusive Speed Society Car Club Enthusiast package to date. March’s limited edition “Racing Team” release is a unique design that shines a light on all disciplines of racing & motorsports, something we all can appreciate as automotive enthusiasts. From street racing to drag racing, Formula 1 to the Baja 1000, the “racing team” pays homage to the individuals of different generations & styles from the sport of racing. Racing cannot be defined as one specific period in time & neither can this shirt. Pulling inspiration from heritage racing of the ’80s & ’90s, retro motorsports jerseys, to modern-day streetwear with clean & contemporary color pops & art design. This theme aims to bring together racing team cultures from all periods & styles under the unique Speed Society Car Club family. The curves of the “23” & “SSCC” on the back of the shirt are made of chicanes & hairpin turns that represent the unforgiving racing lines of Le Mans. The checkered flag is a nod to the most significant & recognizable symbol of racing, winning! The icons on the left sleeve represent historically significant sponsor logos, with a Speed Society throwback to heritage motorsports. Finally, the SSCC23 hit on the right sleeve keeps track of the limited edition number that our enthusiast members have received to date & adds to the unique collectibility of each monthly piece of art we release. Whether you are a first-time member of the Car Club or have been following Speed Society since 2013, we appreciate you & thank you for your support! Welcome to the racing team: Limited Edition #23

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