SSCC35 Paradigm

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Our side seam buttery soft tees are ring-spun cotton with a blend of polyester at 60/40. The shirts are incredibly soft, lighweight, and have a printed neck label. Pre-laundered for accuracy in sizing, these T-Shirts will stay true to fit and form.

“Paradigm” (noun): the cognitive framework shared by members of any discipline or group.

The paradigm of a modern-day enthusiast is much more complex than it used to be, and our car club members are the truest examples of the new shift in definition. Introducing the representation of our shared passion of evolving the enthusiast archetype, SSCC35 “Paradigm”, the March limited edition Speed Society Car Club drop.

Throughout the history of art, fashion, automotive design, and innovation, key people are noted as models that symbolize points of historical change. Essentially redefining the paradigm of automotive culture through their efforts and accomplishments. Speed Society was founded with that concept in mind. We aren’t here to follow the norm and settle for mediocre. Just like you, a Speed Society Car Club member, we focus on being the change that we want to see in our community, industry, and culture.

Every month, our team is dedicated to refining the connection between motorsports, art, fashion, and pop culture evident in the modern enthusiast like yourself. For SSCC35, we have developed a thoughtful design representation of this paradigm shift in a clean and contemporary black and white theme. Leading the design language is a layered Speed Society logo that reflects all the diverse interests and passions of our members. Additionally, the variety of blocks, lines, and shapes convey the truth in that we come from a variety of backgrounds that unite us through our passion for speed. Diving into the fashion and streetwear focus of our brand, we included the Speed Society headquarters coordinates with the "Streetwear Division" block uniquely placed at the bottom right corner. As always, the front chest hit features a unique signature Speed Society Car Club logo, and finishing off the shirt is the SSCC35 limited edition number with a custom hexagon design. 

This month’s car club tee encapsulates the modern thinking collective that our members are "part of". Our team continues to pursue the change that we and our members are looking for. As a society dedicated to speed, let us persist in our mission to change the automotive industry's paradigm.