“RAT BUG” 1968 VW Beetle Review

“RAT BUG” 1968 VW Beetle Review* Click the image below and get entered ...

“RAT BUG” 1968 VW Beetle Review

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The concept of a rat rod is simple. Take parts that are easily accessible, Or maybe even not even designed to be car parts, and make yourself a trick ride.

In this review by TJ Hunt, we check out a build that takes the concept of a rat rod to the extreme through the means of a Volkswagen Beetle.

It’s clunky, hard to drive, and it might fall apart at any minute after going over the wrong bump in the road, but best of all we would venture to say that it is, in fact, pretty darn cool.

Check out the video below that goes through the ins and outs of what exactly makes this VW different than all the rest. What do you think of this homemade ride?

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