Roadkill’s Mike Finnegan Takes on Drag Week Challenges With Full Head of Steam

If there’s one group of guys on television who are probably the best prepared ...

If there’s one group of guys on television who are probably the best prepared for Drag Week, we might argue that it’s those from Roadkill. Sure, there were lots of mechanics on this journey that are well-versed in what they do. However, with Drag Week, competitors are limited to what they can fit in a trailer. No high-end tools will be available for this road trip. Instead, there were definitely times where folks were left to be resourceful. They even had to depend on their fellow racer for a little bit of support at times.

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The Roadkill crew has basically made their living off of putting together things with obscure methods and parts. With that in mind, Drag Week is right down their alley. This time, we tune in with one member of the crew in Mike Finnegan. This year, he took his Hemi powered Chevrolet to the track. The machine that goes by the name of “Blasphemi” certainly was the head-turner as one of the top competitors in its class. However, the long journey that spanned in the ballpark of 800 miles certainly wouldn’t be easy on the car.

Down in the video below, we get the full rundown of what Finnegan went through in order to bring this thing to fruition. Now, it could be easy to think that just because he does this for a living that it would be simple. However, when a sleep-deprived Finnigan takes on a BigKleib34 Interview, he tells us just how difficult the journey had been. At the end of the day, though, he would eventually push his way to the top couple of cars with the ball in his court on the final day of Drag Week.

Would he be able to make a pass to seal the deal? By following along with the video below, we find out just that.

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