Robbie Maddison Shreds his Dirtbike on Water!

For those who happen to be looking for an adrenaline rush, they might have been ...

For those who happen to be looking for an adrenaline rush, they might have been pushed toward extreme sports to quench that thirst for everything that goes above and beyond the norm. However, it looks like this dirtbike rider by the name of Robbie Maddison has simply exceeded the thrill of being on two wheels and therefore, he has decided to kick it up another notch entirely, taking the fun of a dirtbike to the water. This might leave most confused as to how somebody could possibly do such a thing but after watching video, I think that it’ll be cleared up just a little bit as we get to see the custom equipment that has been added to this bike to make it worthy of the water.

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After the dirtbike is strapped up and ready to become an aquatic powerhouse, all that it takes is some courage and riding ability to get out there and keep that throttle pinned as the bike hits the water, skimming across the top of the surface and leaving the rider to have a feeling of freedom that we’re sure is quite immeasurable. There’s just something so different and special about watching such a dirtbike make its way across the top of the water, defying everything that our brains tell us that such a ride should be doing.

Checking out the video below takes us for a ride on the wild side, making this incredible machine seem almost weightless as it makes light work of the surface of the water, majestically skipping its way across the top all the way back to the shoreline. After seeing something like this, be sure to tell us what you think of the rider’s ability to take something conventional and flip it on its head, bringing something entirely fresh and new to life.

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Posted by Robbie Maddison on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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