SEMI Trucks Drag Racing – Coal Rolling MADNESS!!!

SEMI Trucks drag racing in Canada!!!⬇️collect your $50,000 in Ca$H! ⬇️⬆️Or this ...

SEMI Trucks drag racing in Canada!!!

⬇️collect your $50,000 in Ca$H! ⬇️
⬆️Or this 1000hp Camaro, click image ⬆️

We’re not sure if we’ve seen more torque in one video before. These diesel powered semi trucks face off in a redneck race for the ages as they sprint for the finish line, some even have trailers attached.

Even though it’s a pretty low speed contest, this looks like some of the most exciting racing we’ve seen. Those big boys have to be monsters to get going with any type of speed at all. The only thing that we find ourselves concerned about is the curve in the track that looks a bit sketchy.

You be the judge, is this the next big thing?

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