Spy Footage Shows Off a More Capable Bronco, Perhaps a V8 Powered Version

As automotive enthusiasts, there’s something inside of us that always needs to ...

As automotive enthusiasts, there’s something inside of us that always needs to know more. We can’t just be satisfied with knowing that there’s a new Ford Bronco running around on the streets. Sure, that news is huge but after a while, we kind of get used to the fact and look toward what might possibly be coming next. At the end of the day, these automakers need to evolve quickly to keep the attention of the public, otherwise, their efforts will quickly wear thin.

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So, what is it that could make one of the most popular unveilings of 2020 even more popular? As of right now, we have to say that we’re not 100% sure.

However, the details on what might be next have been trickling out left and right. These are the types of things that one might want to take with a grain of salt because it’s really hard to sift through fact and fiction to really get to the bottom of it all. However, if we take a look at history and the tendencies of the industry, we could probably make a pretty good guess.

As we shift our eyes toward the future, it appears as if the next rendition of the Bronco will be titled the “Warthog.” Presumably, the machine is going to be more off-road capable and probably take a step up in performance as well. With a vehicle like the Bronco, Ford probably won’t make it all that much more luxurious. Therefore, it’s natural to think that making it more capable is probably the step that they’re going to take a look at.

Below, we tune in with a little bit of spy footage captured by The Fast Lane that takes on the Bronco wearing its camouflage. In the video, we watch the crew from the channel considers everything from suspension to potential power sources and everything in between. Again, while they seem to take a couple of notes from what they notice about the test mule, what the end product will actually look like is still anyone’s guess.

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