Sterling Marlin Still Racing Competitively at 66 with Parkinson’s Disease

For some of us, it just so happens that racing is almost encoded into our DNA. No ...

For some of us, it just so happens that racing is almost encoded into our DNA. No matter how many heartbreaks it gives us or shortcomings that we receive while working toward being good at it, plenty of us just have come to terms with the fact that it’s nearly impossible to scratch that itch keeps us coming on back over and over again to racing in some form or another, completely entranced by the art of the competition as drivers will come out with so many different cars that they have sunken either time, money, or both into in the pursuit of grabbing victory. It’s something that is hard to get away from, even if you wanted to.

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As it turns out, for NASCAR legend, Sterling Marlin, he knows all too well about that insatiable need to be behind the wheel of a race car. After facing circumstances that would have made many consider hanging up the helmet, Sterling keeps on pushing forward, battling through Parkinson’s Disease at age 61 to stay competitive in racing. He’s not out there trying to get any participation trophies, either, as Marlin is still apparently in it to win it as you can catch him behind the wheel as he closes in on the Nashville Fairgrounds track record for wins and puts a little bit of fear in the competition come race day.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with exactly what Marlin has been up to recently and a story that shows you just how far passion can carry you if you are truly invested in the thing that you love to do. In a world where so many people are chasing so many different things, stories like this show you how passion is really one of the most important parts of life, whether we notice it in the moment or not.

Still Sterling

I have wanted to do this story for 3 years… Sterling Marlin was the first NASCAR driver I ever interviewed…and his drive to keep doing what he loves, despite being diagnosed with Parkinson's inspires me…

Posted by Heather Williams WCYB on Monday, November 12, 2018

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