Street Outlaws Chuck Big Tire Mustang vs Promod Corvette!

There’s just something about lining up with a car that’s so well known ...

There’s just something about lining up with a car that’s so well known that really adds another element to the mix of an exciting race. With a car like Street Outlaws Chuck’s Death Trap, you just can’t wait to see what this car is going to do and how many opponents it will fend off in its quest to be one of the fastest machines on this planet.

In this one, we get to see yet another look at the Ford Mustang as it takes on nothing other than a Chevrolet Corvette that has taken on the facade of a ProMod. Even for a car that works so well in all kinds of situations, it looks like Chuck is going to have his hands full here.

In this one, we follow along as the race goes off without a hitch. Both cars roll up to the line and get on their trans brakes, ready to take the hit and get into action, when all of a sudden, before we know it, the race is on to span the gap between where they sit and the finish line that’s only an eighth of a mile away. Sure, the race will end up being rather short but with machines like these lining up to do battle, there is always guaranteed to be an overflow of action happening.

Check out the video down below as we’re taken to the starting line to see these two killers going to war with one another. If one thing is for sure, this is going to be a battle that’s one out of the hole. It looks like whoever is able to span that first 60 feet or so of the racing surface in the most efficient way possible will probably make their way to victory. Will Chuck be able to outrun this Promod? Check it all out for yourself down below.

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