Street Outlaws “The 55” is Back in Action With a HEMI!

Chuck Parker and the gorgeous 1955 Chevy, known simply as “The ’55” ...

Chuck Parker and the gorgeous 1955 Chevy, known simply as “The ’55” to everybody in the no prep world have won as many rounds on an unprepped surface as anybody over the past couple of seasons. The crew has had the car working very well, making a-to-b hits left and right and taking home the big paydays at no prep events all over the midwest. However, any competitor will tell you, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards, because the competition is always working to take you down.

Knowing they couldn’t rest on their laurels, Parker and company decided to pull their trusty big block Chevy and drop in a brand new nitrous injected Sonny’s hemi. While hemi’s are usually associated with blown applications, the trademark combustion chamber can certainly be used to make big power with a nitrous combination as well, as you can see in the video below of one of the first test hits with the new bullet. Keep in mind, when they have the nitrous turned up, this car throws some pretty large flames out the exhaust, so this pass was either all-motor or on a very small shot of nitrous.

With a chassis that works so well on an unprepared racing surface and a big-inch Sonny’s hemi doing the motivational work, look for The ’55 to continue to rack up the wins. Chuck and his crew will have the engine dialed in and the nitrous flowing soon, and when they do everybody in the no prep game better step up as well, because these guys don’t come to race for second place. With the likes of Birdman, Kayla Morton and Chuck in the Death Trap all running well, no prep has got some great rivalries going that bring the fans out by the thousands to watch these guys and gals push their cars to – and sometimes beyond – the limit.

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