Are Teslas Actually Better For the Environment? Let’s Break it Down

When many folks buy electric cars, they’re looking to keep a slice of their ...

When many folks buy electric cars, they’re looking to keep a slice of their wallet intact. There’s certainly a ton of upside to never having to pay for gas again. Honestly, just the thought of it is making me want to go car shopping ASAP.

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However, others have more environmental motives behind their purchase. Even if it’s not a leading factor in a purchase, we’re sure that being “environmentally friendly” certainly has helped to sell at least a couple of cars. While these customers’ intentions may be noble, are these actions really doing much to keep the environment in one piece?

There are lots of people who like to get involved in this argument. It seems as if there’s a theory going around that the emissions used to create batteries can be just as damaging as combustion vehicle emissions. What is the real answer, though?

Engineering Explained is a source that we think could provide the best explanation for a question like this. When it comes to getting to the bottom of something, we can trust the channel’s host, Jason, to really break it down in detail. This time, that’s exactly what he does and he’s considering just about every factor.

The entire argument is laid out in the video below. After absorbing it all, tell us what you think of this whole debate. Maybe we should be taking a closer look at what we’re being told and what is a tall tale. According to this take, we can trust that the average electric car is environmentally friendly, though!

We wouldn’t be too surprised to hear that some of these stories are being made up by the combustion engine industry to keep on selling cars. Sure, it might be a bit far fetched but we have certainly seen stranger things come to light.

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