That Moment a Cessna-206 Lands in Front of Your Car on the Highway

Every once a while, we check out an emergency situation like this that will truly ...

Every once a while, we check out an emergency situation like this that will truly blow our minds. Sometimes, I guess that if an airplane has to come down, it has to come down and the pilot is forced to pick out the best place to carry this kind of maneuver. There isn’t always a good spot to do it so sometimes, it has to be right in the middle of the roads in close proximity regardless of if they’re ready or not. This time, we check out the scene as a pilot headed down in an emergency landing that would have him setting wheels on a New York highway. It sounds like lots of factors had to come together just right in order for this to be a success so we’re left to watch it all unfold and hope for the best!

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We have to throw a small warning in here the the guy behind the camera can’t seem to chew with his mouth closed which might irk some of you, but regardless of the audio in this one, it’s quite an amazing sight to see as a small aircraft manages to find its way down onto the highway, landing in between traffic and merging better than most people that you’ll see driving around these days. There’s no real story behind this one as to why the craft touched down or what happened afterward but watching it unfold in the middle of broad daylight is truly a treat. I couldn’t even imagine being the one that’s driving through traffic, when all of a sudden, an airplane tries to land right in front of me.

Check out the video down below as this pilot pulls out his best skill set and puts it into full effect, making sure that everyone is safe as the craft sustains no damage. For both people in traffic and the pilot alike, this is probably going to be a story that they tell over and over again and personally, I can’t say that I blame them.

When a Cessna 172 lands in front of your car!

When a Cessna-206 lands in front of your car!

Posted by C-130 Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul on Monday, October 16, 2017

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