The Gnarliest Helicopter Rescues We’ve Ever Seen! True Heroes at Work

Straight out of school, when it comes time to select a career path, sometimes, there ...

Straight out of school, when it comes time to select a career path, sometimes, there are people who just want to mix it up a little bit. The humdrum existence of pushing pencils all day doesn’t really make sense to some individuals. While doing something simple and traditional is a very valid way to make a living, there are some people out there that just simply need to have adrenaline in their veins. A lack of such a situation would be an existence that these folks might not find worth living. For those who are lucky enough, they can find a career to match this need.

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One of those responsibilities that most certainly will send adrenaline coursing through the body would be that of piloting a rescue helicopter. These folks really need to have nerves of steel in order to accomplish their goals properly. After all, touching mountainsides while descending, hovering above raging water that’s ready to swallow you up, and taking part in otherwise tumultuous situations can really rock the nerves for those who aren’t the proper type of individual. It takes a really special type of person to be able to keep their composure enough to lower a helicopter to the scene of an emergency to help with the rescue effort.

The video below takes us all along for the ride as we get the chance to see something truly special as it unfolds. The folks involved in these types of videos are certainly real-life heroes if we have ever seen them. It’s about as close as you can get to your favorite action hero hopping right off of the screen. The only difference between the mythical powers that these superheroes have and the folks that you see in this video is that one is make-believe and the other is oh so real.

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