The Most Dangerous Thing On A Ship At Sea Is Not Flooding… It’s Fire

If you’re one that is on the borderline of being afraid of going out to sea, ...

If you’re one that is on the borderline of being afraid of going out to sea, allow us to probably scare the crap out of you and make you never want to head out to the water again. Just when you thought that the boat going down was your biggest fear, this video brings another little nasty thought to the back your head that will probably always be there now. You’re welcome!

If you would ask a variety of people what they think about the most dangerous part of going on a boat, many would probably answer capsizing but it just so turns out that the probability of something catching fire and eventually putting the ship into the drink is a lot higher.

This time, we ride along with a quick little segment from Deadliest Catch that outlines the situation where something on board of a boat actually does catch on fire and the crew has to act quickly to make sure that it doesn’t explode and bring a lot more carnage around than already exists.

Check out the fast acting crew down in the video below that saves the boat and probably their lives along with it. This most certainly isn’t a situation that anyone wants to be involved in but if you do get wrapped up in a place like this, it’s important to have some people on board who have their wits about them and know exactly what it is they’re doing to prevent the worst.

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